Blender预设|200组真实4K无缝划痕磨损污迹灰尘指纹贴图纹理资产预设 Realistic Touch



This tool offers a collection of over 200 4k and seamless textures meticulously categorized into 10 groups. Among these textures, you’ll find styles such as fingerprints, dust, scratches, grunge, smear, and much more. These surface imperfections aim to replicate genuine details from the real world, adding significant realism to your 3D scenes. Designed for Blender, RealisticTouch is optimized for the Cycles and Eevee engines, providing users with smooth integration and a notable improvement in their renders in the pursuit of photorealism. Click, drag, configure, and it’s ready!

支持Blender 4.0, 3.6, 3.5

Blender预设|200组真实4K无缝划痕磨损污迹灰尘指纹贴图纹理资产预设 Realistic Touch
Blender预设|200组真实4K无缝划痕磨损污迹灰尘指纹贴图纹理资产预设 Realistic Touch
资源名称Realistic Touch
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