Blender预设|效果器树木建筑楼房几何节点资产预设 Djh Geometry Node Assets



My geometry nodes are a collection of general-purpose tools intended to be used as modifiers or incorporated into larger setups.  Most don’t make anything extravagant on their own, they are tools, and like any good tool, they should simplify the tasks they are designed to solve.  My overall approach to GeoNode assets is based on two ideas; a node asset collection is a toolbox, and a tool is only useful when you can use it.  With that in mind, my nodes are intentionally somewhat “generic” so I can use them as often as possible and for a wide variety of applications, as opposed to depth toward a single application.

支持Blender 3.5, 3.6, 4.0

Blender预设|效果器树木建筑楼房几何节点资产预设 Djh Geometry Node Assets
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