Blender插件|快速添加着色器节点栏工具 Node Bar v1.0+使用教程


Node Bar是Blender的一个插件,它为着色器编辑器提供了更快速、更便捷的节点添加功能。通过Node Bar,您可以通过图标快速访问节点,而无需在搜索栏中输入或使用下拉菜单。它还允许您自定义节点栏的外观和布局,以满足您的个性化需求。Node Bar是一个增强Blender着色器编辑器功能的工具,使节点的添加和管理更加高效和方便。

Node Bar lets you add shader nodes faster. You don’t have to type anything in the Search or use drop down menus. Nodes are instantly accessible through recognizable icons, which also have tooltips. The Node Bar is fully customizable. You can organize your favorite nodes into one or multiple rows and group them to your liking. You can also label your rows.

支持Blender 3.4

Blender插件|快速添加着色器节点栏工具 Node Bar v1.0+使用教程
资源名称Node Bar
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