AE表达式教程|创建动画效果教学 LinkedIn – After Effects Using Expressions


在这门课程中,你将学习如何像专业人士一样使用表达式,比传统的动画技术更加干净和快速。跟随导师Luisa Winters的指导,你将学习如何添加和编辑表达式,改变速率、数值和音乐振幅等维度,并使用变量来全局分配和更改数值。在学习过程中,你还将了解如何使用After Effects的表达式语言菜单,并引入随机性来优化你的创意可能性。通过完成这门课程,你将准备好开始使用各种其他表达式,包括延迟调整、频率、衰减、弹跳、toComp表达式等等。

In this course, learn how to use expressions like a pro—working with them cleaner and faster than other traditional animation techniques. Join instructor Luisa Winters as she shows you how to add and edit expressions; change dimensions such as rate, value, and music amplitude; and use variables to assign and change values globally. Along the way, find out how to use the After Effects Expression Language menu and introduce randomness into expressions to optimize your creative possibilities. By the end of this course, you’ll be prepared to start wielding a wide range of other expressions, too, including delay adjustments, frequency, decay, bounce, the toComp expression, and much more.

AE表达式教程|创建动画效果教学 LinkedIn – After Effects Using Expressions
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