AE/PR教程|高级旅游视频剪辑特效课程 FlatpackFX – Travel Effects Pro


这是一套关于如何规划、拍摄和编辑电影般视频的教程。它涵盖了使用Premiere Pro进行编辑、调色、AE制作特效、音乐/音效制作、电影般视频效果制作、Blender 3D效果教程等内容。

Unlock the secrets to crafting engaging videos & effects! Learn the proven system I use, whether you’re a Moderate or Intermediate After Effects & Premiere Pro user!

  • Master the essential skills of video scripting and planning. All the top creators plan their videos, if you want to succeed too it comes down to proper planning
  • Boost your confidence in creating professional-quality videos – even if you’re a complete beginner
  • Follow a step-by-step process for creating engaging, attention-grabbing content
  • Overcome common mental barriers that hold back video creators from success
AE/PR教程|高级旅游视频剪辑特效课程 FlatpackFX – Travel Effects Pro
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