Blender针迹缝合效果插件预设 Geometry Nodes Procedural Stitches

Blender针迹缝合效果插件预设 Geometry Nodes Procedural Stitches

使用此针迹生成器,您可以在网格上绘制针迹图案。在几何参数中,您可以选择要缝合的对象并根据需要自定义图案。目前有 5 种标准模式可以调整以制作新的模式。您可以自定义旋转、距离、长度、高度、螺纹粗细、接缝和折痕、材料和旋转随机性。最好的方法是在模型上绘图,但也可以复制模型的循环边并将模式设置为“网格”或将循环边转换为曲线以轻松添加缝合线。

With this stitch generator, you can draw stitch patterns on your meshes. In the geometry parameters, you select the object you want to give stitches and customize the pattern as you wish. There are currently 5 standard patterns that can be adjusted to make new ones. You can customize the rotation, distance, length, height, thread thickness, seam and creases, materials and the rotation randomness. The best method is to draw on your models, but it is also possible to copy an edge loop of your model and set the mode to “mesh” or convert the edge loop to a curve to easily add a stitch line.


1.打开软件,顶部菜单点击 编辑(Edit) → 首选项(Preference) → 插件(AAdd-ons) → 安装(Install) ,在弹出的窗口里选择插件zip文件安装

2.重启Blender,在 文件 → 用户设置 → 插件 里即可看到所安装的插件


Blender针迹缝合效果插件预设 Geometry Nodes Procedural Stitches
资源名称Geometry Nodes Procedural Stitches
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