AE脚本|基础三维模型导入编辑工具 Super 3D v1.2.2 + 使用教程


Super 3D是一款强大的After Effects扩展脚本,Super 3D提供了一系列3D基本形状,可以直接使用,也可以另外自己导入GLB, GLTF格式的模型,替换模型、贴图等基础操作,或者根据路径来生成三维模型等

Super 3D is a powerful extension for After Effects (version 24.1 and newer) that expands your 3D capabilities. With Super 3D, you can easily add 3D objects, parametric primitives, and control textures.

  • Add 3D objects (GLB, GLTF) with a single click
  • Replace models or textures on existing layers, even with animations
  • Convert 3D layers to solid layers for applying effects
  • Responsive UI

支持Win/Mac系统:Adobe After Effects 2024 (24.1) 或更高版

AE脚本|基础三维模型导入编辑工具 Super 3D v1.2.2 + 使用教程
资源名称Super 3D
适用软件After Effects
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