3D模型|古老神秘黑金钢铁熔炉矮人城堡模型(Blender/FBX/OBJ格式)Kitbash3D – Iron Forge


Iron Forge是一套由KitBash3D出品的古老神秘黑金钢铁石头楼房建筑3D模型。这个套件旨在为创作者提供一个虚构的环境,灵感来源于古老的工艺和矮人文化,以及神话故事中的元素。其中包含了各种各样的模型,如熔炉、石膏模具、机械装置等,可以用于创建电影、游戏或其他虚拟场景中的场景和道具。这些模型设计精美,质量优良,可以满足各种工作室的需求。包含2K和4K两种分辨率贴图材质可以选择,提供有Blender/FBX/OBJ格式。

Ignite your imagination with “Iron Forge,” a realm steeped in ancient craftsmanship and dwarven ingenuity. Navigate the fiery chambers of molten metal and brimstone, surrounded by intricately carved stone molds and enduring mortar. Within these walls, legendary machines and otherworldly mechanics breathe life into artifacts and weapons of lore. Tailored for creators crafting epic narratives of heroism and mythology, this Kit is the crucible where tales of legend are birthed. Dive deep, and let the legendary tales unfold!

As part of our mission to enable and inspire creators of the virtual frontier, we hold ourselves to a high standard. We’re always looking ahead to stay on top of technology trends, ensuring the assets we build are premium quality to meet the needs and expectations of any film or game studio in the industry.


  • FBX/OBJ:其他三维软件等都可以使用
  • 贴    图:包含所有的贴图材质,已经展UV
  • 面    数:2230W
  • 大    小:压缩包9.22G,解压后14.8G 
3D模型|古老神秘黑金钢铁熔炉矮人城堡模型(Blender/FBX/OBJ格式)Kitbash3D – Iron Forge
资源名称Iron Forge
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