AE脚本|时间线图层动画快捷高效管理控制工具 Shy Bar v1.0


Shy Bar是AE简化复杂合成时间线动画图层管理脚本。它的功能是优化工作流程,提供更好的时间线管理和更多的控制选项。Shy Bar提供了许多功能,包括自定义用户界面、标签颜色、混合模式、搜索功能等,以帮助用户更轻松地管理和操作他们的项目。

Shy Bar is your key to mastering After Effects timelines. When your project is bursting with layers, this powerful toolbar becomes your go-to ally. It lets you effortlessly filter through the clutter, focusing solely on the layers that matter most to you. Whether you’re animating a character and want to zero in on specific limb movements or dealing with a myriad of text layers, Shy Bar ensures you see only what’s essential. It’s your ticket to a streamlined, efficient workflow, saving you time and letting your creativity shine. Unleash the full potential of your After Effects projects with Shy Bar – where precision meets simplicity.


1.复制 Shy Bar.jsxbin 文件到AE脚本目录:

Win:…Adobe After Effects CC\Support Files\Scripts\ScriptUI Panels\
Mac:应用程序\Adobe After Effects CC\Scripts\ScriptUI Panels\

Mac:After Effects CC-首选项-常规

AE CC2019.1或更高版在:
Mac:After Effects CC-首选项-脚本和表达式

3.在软件顶部window窗口菜单下即可看到 Shy Bar.jsxbin脚本

支持Win/Mac系统:After Effects 2024, 2023(不要用中文版AE,中文版会报错)

AE脚本|时间线图层动画快捷高效管理控制工具 Shy Bar v1.0
资源名称Shy Bar
适用软件After Effects
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