AE脚本|创建虚线路径描边线条动画工具 BoringDashes v1.0 + 使用教程


oringDashes是After Effects(AE) 脚本工具。该工具旨在简化和提高在 After Effects 中创建和控制虚线效果的过程。通过使用该脚本,你可以更轻松地管理虚线形状的动画,而无需担心在更改形状时虚线的滑动和数量变化等问题。

TypeMonkey3D is the first After Effects script to take advantage of the new Advanced 3D Renderer introduced in AE2024. With a single click TM3D will convert your TypeMonkey build to 3D instantly. Use a preset lighting environment & texture or make your own. Effects controllers allow for realtime adjustment of geometry, materials, color, transparency, lighting, reflections and textures. Quick & Easy kinetic 3D typography is finally a reality!

AE脚本|创建虚线路径描边线条动画工具 BoringDashes v1.0 + 使用教程
适用软件After Effects
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