LUTs预设|50组电影级无人机航拍视频调色预设 Cinematic Drone LUTs


包括50组电影级别的无人机航拍视频LUTs调色预设,无论您使用的是DJI Mavic 3、Mini 3 Pro、Air 2S、Air 2、Mini 2、Mini 1等支持Log/Flat画面配置(如D-Log和D-CineLike)的无人机,还是其他支持S-Log(Sony相机)或C-Log(Canon相机)等画面配置的相机,这些LUTs都能表现出色。包含Cube/xmp/lrtemplate/3DL/ICC/Look格式,支持AE/PR/FCPX/达芬奇/LR等任意能调用lut的软件

Developed specifically for DJI Drones, they extremely well with all type of drones (DJI Mavic 3, Mini 3 Pro, Air 2S, Air 2, Mini 2, Mini 1 and all the other drones that shoot in a Log/Flat picture profile (D-Log and D-CineLike).

They also work incredibly well with all type of camera footage (S-Log on Sony cameras, C-Log on Canon cameras and so on), all my camera shots are color graded with these exact Luts.


Premiere Pro CC:视频特效 – Lumetri

Photoshop CS6/CC: Image → Adjustments → Color Lookup

After Effects CS6/CC:Effects → Utility → Apply Color LUT

Vegas Pro:LUTS插件下载

Nuke: Vectorfield

SCRATCH: Color Scraffolds

FCPX 调用插件:效果→颜色→自定LUT

DaVinci Resolve 直接使用或导入

Magic Bullet LUT Buddy 适用于大部分软件

FCPX软件 LUT 实用颜色工具 FCPX可用

注:只要软件能安装 Looks 新版的调色插件,就能使用Looks导入LUT使用

LUTs预设|50组电影级无人机航拍视频调色预设 Cinematic Drone LUTs
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