LUTs预设|20组顶级好莱坞美剧电视节目复古风格调色预设 Tropic Colour – TV Looks


TV Looks是一套由Tropic Colour出品的LUT预设,包含10部经典好莱坞美剧电视节目复古风格外观调色预设。适用于所有以 LOG/RAW/FLAT 格式拍摄的相机。

A collection of looks inspired from iconic TV SHOWS! We partnered with senior colorists to robustly build and battle test these looks extensively. Now getting the look of some of today’s biggest TV SHOWS is easier than ever!


Premiere Pro CC:视频特效 – Lumetri

Photoshop CS6/CC: Image → Adjustments → Color Lookup

After Effects CS6/CC:Effects → Utility → Apply Color LUT

Vegas Pro:LUTS插件下载

Nuke: Vectorfield

SCRATCH: Color Scraffolds

FCPX 调用插件:效果→颜色→自定LUT

DaVinci Resolve 直接使用或导入

Magic Bullet LUT Buddy 适用于大部分软件

FCPX软件 LUT 实用颜色工具 FCPX可用

注:只要软件能安装 Looks 新版的调色插件,就能使用Looks导入LUT使用

LUTs预设|20组顶级好莱坞美剧电视节目复古风格调色预设 Tropic Colour – TV Looks
资源名称TV Looks
出品商Tropic Colour
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