C4D/AE实拍画面跟踪合成特效视频教程 Motion Tracking



Motion Tracking – Part 1 – Automated Tracking (1:11:27)

  • Basic introduction and tips for filming footage, including several use cases.Showing simple lens distortion and automated motion tracking workflows in Cinema 4D and After Effects.

Motion Tracking – Part 2 – Manual Tracking & Object Tracking (1:26:06)

  • Explore the manual tracking capabilities of Cinema 4D and how to combine camera and object tracking,review the workflow for creating the music room shot, including overlaying and deleting markers.

Motion Tracking – Part 3 – Scene Reconstruction (1:05:10)

  • Explore the automated scene reconstruction workflow in Cinema 4D and learn how to create an eye-catching growth effect on a tree.
C4D/AE实拍画面跟踪合成特效视频教程 Motion Tracking
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