AE图层三维挤出效果脚本 Extrudalizer v1.0.1 中文汉化版+使用教程



Extrudalizer allows you to extrude any 2D shape layer into virtual 3D space, control its depth, position, rotation, and scale. You can set up appearance, animation, and even manipulate the original 2D path with the Extrudalized shape repeating this manipulation. The script is 100% Lottie compatible for web use (bake expressions to keyframes for mobile app use) and can be exported using the Bodymovin plugin.

支持Win/Mac系统:After Effects 2023, 2022, 2021

AE图层三维挤出效果脚本 Extrudalizer v1.0.1 中文汉化版+使用教程
适用软件After Effects
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