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3DS MAX规范物体贴图密度插件 Advanced UV Normalizer v2.4.9


Advanced UV Normalizer (AUVN)是用于在不同物体之间归一化贴图密度的插件,它具有全面的功能,用于根据不同的参数(如几何面积,纹理面积,UV面积以及几何/像素和几何/Advanced比率)计算,获取,设置和修改模型的贴图密度。

Advanced UV Normalizer (AUVN) is a tool for normalizing the Texel Density across different objects.

It has a comprehensive set of features to calculate, get, set and modify the Texel Density of your models based on different parameters such as Geometry Area, Texture Area, UV Area as well as the Geometry/Pixels and Geometry/UVs Ratios.

The Texel Density can be set using a fixed texture size, or you can assign different AUVN textures and normalize them all at once using their texture size.

支持3DS MAX 2016-2024

3DS MAX规范物体贴图密度插件 Advanced UV Normalizer v2.4.9
插件名称Advanced UV Normalizer
软件兼容3ds Max
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