AE插件|三维对象运动跟踪 KeenTools GeoTracker 2022.2.1 Win/Mac测试版

AE插件|三维对象运动跟踪 KeenTools GeoTracker 2022.2.1 测试版

GeoTracker是一个为Adob​​e After Effects带来3 对象跟踪的插件。使用GeoTracker可以轻松完成匹配移动任务——通常需要运动跟踪专家团队才能完成的任务,可以由没有跟踪技能且花费更少时间的 VFX 艺术家来完成。现在这项技术可供After Effects用户使用,因此他们可以使用对象跟踪来达到运动图形和设计的新水平。

GeoTracker is a plugin that brings 3D-object tracking to Adobe After Effects.

Match-moving tasks are done with a snap with GeoTracker — what usually requires a team of motion tracking specialists can be done by a VFX artist with no tracking skills and with less time spent. Now this technology is available for users of After Effects, so they can use object tracking to reach the new level of motion graphics and design.

适用Win/Mac系统:AE 2022、2021

    软件兼容After Effects
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