Blender插件|管理图像视频参考工具 Blendref v1.1



BlendRef is a blender add-on for images and videos references managing in the viewport while sculpting, animating or modeling. The image part is similar to BeeRef or PureRef apps but, in blender! No need to put a forced app over your viewport, it’s part of it. No need to click on the app to zoom or move a image, you don’t leave Blender interface. The video part is very efficient for animation references. You can loop and slow down any segment! You can now add text to better sort your references. Know that everything is kept in specifics collections so you can easily bring your ref from a blend file to another by simply append the collections!


1.打开软件,顶部菜单点击 编辑(Edit) → 首选项(Preference) → 插件(AAdd-ons) → 安装(Install) ,在弹出的窗口里选择插件zip文件安装

2.重启Blender,在 文件 → 用户设置 → 插件 里即可看到所安装的插件

支持Blender 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 4.0

Blender插件|管理图像视频参考工具 Blendref v1.1
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