Blender插件|模型网格切割工具 Slice it v1.0.5


SLICE IT插件允许您以任意X、Y或Z方向均匀切割网格。这是一个非常适合弯曲不规则网格(如文本或复杂对象)的插件。它非常易于使用,您可以在3D视口中的工具N面板中找到它。

The SLICE IT addon allows you to slice meshes in even increments in any X,Y or Z direction instantly. This is a great addon for bending unusual meshes, like text or complex objects. It’s super easy to use and you can find it in the Tools N panel in the 3D viewport. Here are a few videos which can help you understand it better.

支持Blender3.4, 3.5

Blender插件|模型网格切割工具 Slice it v1.0.5
插件名称Slice It
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