电影制作人转场调色视频音效素材合集包 COMPLETE BUNDLE // 8500+ TOOLS FOR FILMMAKERS

电影制作人转场调色视频音效素材合集包 COMPLETE BUNDLE // 8500+ TOOLS FOR FILMMAKERS



  • 包含旋转、扭曲、冲击、聚焦、信号损坏等多种风格
  • The bestselling pack of transitions you definitely need to save time. Transitions are crated so that the sequence of clips from different scenes is blended smoothly to get that final result you need. Moreover, each transition sets a certain mood, that unique flavour, allowing you to control the right message within the video. This pack includes the following transitions: rotate, glitch, twist, transform, zoom and a lot of other options.

300+ 4K叠加视频素材

  • 15个分类,4K分辨率
  • This pack is just amazing. First of all, it’s 4k. Secondly, it includes 15 categories. Thirdly, it’s much cheaper than buying these effects from stock websites. So why do you need this product? It will help you add missing elements to your video to make it way more dynamic or set a certain atmosphere.


  • 26个分类,超过2000组音效文件,WAV格式
  • This is a must-have sound effects library for filmmakers.  includes 2000+ amazing original sounds that have been designed to help you create stunning cinematic films. There are 36 categories to help you get sounds for any of your videos: Atmospheres, whooshes, office, domestic, clothes, footsteps, rises, thunder, wind, explosions, low-hits, and 26 more.


  • cube格式,支持AE/PR/FCPX/达芬奇/PS等任何可以调用3D LUT预设的软件
  • This is our newest product. It has been designed to give you maximum diversity and provide just a crazy amount of colour grading options. You will never run out of ideas again. They are broke down to categories: from Food and Commercial to Wedding and Drone.



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